About The Ariel Center®

Committed to the Beautiful New You!

The Ariel Center® for Cosmetic Surgery is one of the premier medical centers for cosmetic procedures and advanced plastic surgery. We offer services that range from simple non-invasive treatments to advanced reconstructive challenges.

As a division of Obesity Control Center® in Baja California, under the direction of Dr. Ariel Ortiz who is considered the world’s top bariatric surgeon, The Ariel Center® represents the gold standard in cosmetic surgery services. Featuring a team of top international plastic surgeons and a support staff that is experienced in a wide range of techniques and procedures, it is the preferred destination for many Americans and Canadian patients who enjoy saving from 50% to 70% off comparable services.

The Ariel Center® addresses the needs of individuals that fall into three different audiences.:

  • “After Weightloss” Cosmetic Surgery

    Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure that has empowered nearly 10,000 Obesity Control Center® patients to reach their weight loss goals and often exceed them beyond imagination. The next natural step, however, is dealing with the extra skin that most patients encounter after extreme weight loss. Because that is an important part of your transformation process, we have surgeons and doctors on staff at The Ariel Center® to assist you in selecting the ideal procedures that will allow you to become the most beautiful you. The Ariel Center is unique to other plastic surgery centers because we have experience providing for the specialized needs of gastric bypass, Lap Band and other weight loss surgery patients. [Learn More]

  • “Beautiful You” Cosmetic Surgery

    From both a cosmetic and medical perspective—and whether you are a male or female—skin that is loose or has lost its elasticity, as well as excess fat, is a concern. Fortunately there are now wonderful solutions available at affordable prices through The Ariel Center®. We specialize in refining and toning the key areas of your body that can totally transform you inside and out. Instead of sagging skin and an embarrassing body, you can look forward to full, firm breasts, a youthful face and neck, and a contoured waist that gives you that hourglass figure of your dreams. [Learn More]

  • Popular Cosmetic Procedures

    The Ariel Center® is proud to offer a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures designed to restore aging skin and give you a healthy, glowing look. From highly popular Botox and Juvederm treatments to organic facial masks, the fountain of youth may be both affordable and within reach. We also provide minimally invasive body sculpting methods that tighten your skin and muscles for a spectacular new look. The Ariel Center® is proud to be among the leaders in corrective and cosmetic dental procedures that will complete your transformation. [Learn More]

All of our advanced procedures are performed by experienced, qualified surgeons at premier medical facilities. Your thorough post-op follow-up care also ensures a successful and satisfying result. Talk to one of our team members today to find out more!