Why stop at weight loss? An exciting, youthful and beautiful woman is just under the surface!

Be the person you dream of when you stand in front of the mirror. It’s simple, safe and affordable.

Linda went from a size 22 to a size 2 with weight loss surgery, but see her total transformation.

The Ariel Center® for Cosmetic Surgery, a division of the world-famous Obesity Control Center®, offers the most advanced surgical and cosmetic procedures in a state of the art hospital with prices that are generally 50% to 70% less than comparable U.S. costs.

Whether you are considering cosmetic surgery because, after having bariatric surgery, there is excess skin to deal with, or you are just ready for a body that is more youthful, shaped and beautiful, our skilled and experienced surgeons can make your dreams come true. It’s safe, affordable and simple…and there’s no reason to delay becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

“After Weightloss” Cosmetic Surgery

After extensive weight loss, former bariatric surgery patients often find themselves very discouraged by the excess skin that remains. But there is a solution!

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“Beautiful You” Cosmetic Surgery

Why go one more day without looking and feeling like you’ve always wanted! Cosmetic surgery has advanced dramatically to the point where it is a realistic and affordable option for almost everyone.

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Popular Cosmetic Procedures

The Ariel Center® is pleased to offer a wide selection of non-invasive cosmetic procedures that are designed to make your skin look more fresh, attractive and youthful.

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