All over the world, a tight, V-shaped face is considered to be the epitome of beauty. When fat in the cheeks becomes too pronounced, it gives the face a ‘rounded’ look that many patients find to be aesthetically unappealing. A buccal fat removal procedure aids in slimming out the face, giving the patient a more chiseled, refined aesthetic.

Buccal fat removal is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that is designed to reduce fullness in the cheeks. While most individuals develop more chiseled features over time, those who struggle with persistent buccal fat retain a child-like countenance throughout life. The Ariel Center provides some of the best surgical care available today.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal reshapes and redefines the cheeks, revealing a chiseled jawline. Overly large fat pads in the cheeks are usually caused by genetics, but they can result from weight gain as well. Adults who struggle with features such as ‘chipmunk cheeks’ can benefit from a buccal fat removal procedure, as it can restore harmony to the face and give patients a boost in self-confidence. 

Before & After Buccal Fat Removal

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What are the Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal?

  • Reduces the size of overly large cheeks
  • Thins out the lower half of the face
  • Gives the face a distinct, V shape
  • Reduces plumpness in the face
  • A simple, easy-to-perform treatment
  • Little downtime 
  • Scars are not visible to onlookers
  • Patients receive a boost in self-confidence

Who is an Ideal Candidate For Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

During the private consultation, patients’ medical history and current condition will be thoroughly assessed. Ideal candidates for a buccal lipectomy are in their 20s and 30s, at a stable weight, and are non-smokers. Often these patients have already tried a healthy diet and exercise as a means of reducing their cheek fat and seen little results. As with any procedure, ideal candidates are in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations for the procedure’s results.

What Does Buccal Fat Removal Entail?

Buccal fat pads are located in the cheeks. Their location beneath the muscle prevents them from being addressed by methods such as liposuction and skin tightening. This procedure involves making small incisions inside the mouth, which keep any scars hidden from view. Only small portions of the fat pads are removed, leaving the patient with natural-looking results. 

Once the fat removal has been completed, small sutures are used to close up the incisions. The whole procedure takes roughly half an hour to complete, and there isn’t much downtime. This procedure is often performed in tandem with other cosmetic procedures, such as chin and neck liposuction to achieve more pronounced improvements in the face.

The Recovery Process

Following buccal fat removal, it is normal to experience mild swelling for a period of several weeks. During this time, the cheeks may appear more swollen than usual, but the shape of the face will improve once the swelling has dissipated. After about 3 months, patients will be able to enjoy a more chiseled jawline.

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Why Choose the Ariel Center?

Dr. Alberto Rancati is a well-renowned expert in the realm of plastic and oncoplastic surgery. Known all over the world for his unmatched expertise, he has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles. When he’s not performing surgery at the Ariel Center, he spends his time serving as Professor of Surgery at multiple top-level institutions, such as the University of San Diego, CFS, and University Florida International University.

The Ariel Center is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology available, offering patients and their loved ones the highest level of comfort possible.

With over 25 years of experience in telehealth, we can help patients get prepared for surgery in a matter of weeks without requiring travel for the consultation. Part of the OCC standard of excellence, our plastic surgery team has a long track record of performing safe and effective surgical procedures.

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